Cat Care and why boarding at home is best

Do you look forward to planning your holiday but worry about putting your beloved cat into a Cattery?

Do you dread getting the cat box out and seeing your Cat stressed because he knows Mum is going away.

Do you ever wonder if there is an alternative, that might be better for both you AND your cat?

I’m here to tell you that there definitely is and I have been providing this service for 7 years!                   

I offer a range of bespoke, premium services where your cat can stay in their own home and receive up to 3 visits a day, tailored to your cat’s needs. From simple pop ins to longer visits with structured activities or just extra fuss…I can help.

Your Cat can maintain his usual routines in familiar surroundings with no additional stress at all.

  • Litter Trays will be scrupulously cleaned and maintained
  • Fresh food and water will be offered each visit
  • Your cat will receive a nose to tail health check every visit
  • Playtime and cuddles guaranteed (if your cat enjoys this)

Or why not check out some of my enhanced packages providing:

  • Enrichment by using toys and food that stretch your Cat’s mind and tire him mentally.
  • Or perhaps you need some help with grooming

You will of course also receive

  • Daily updates including photos and videos of your cat
  • A written log of your cat’s care if you would like that

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