Over the last 10 years the practice of Home Boarding has grown massively, so what’s it all about?

Many people, myself included, simply won’t put our much loved dogs into kennels. Most do a good job, but having so many animals confined within a limited space usually results in stressed animals and that inevitably leads to lots of noise and even more stress.

Home Boarding is a dog friendly alternative, whereby Dogs come in to our house and live with us as part of our family. That is, myself Nic, my husband Keith and our beautiful dogs Beth, Millie and Bertie Beagle.

Home Boarders in my area are licenced by Swindon Borough Council, and we are inspected anually to ensure that standards of care, hygiene and saftey are maintained. In most parts of the country, you now need a licence to provide this service. Please feel free to view mine.

Unlike a lot of kennels, we can cater for special or individual needs. For example, we are happy to cater for clients that feed raw, we do ourselves, or to provide home cooked diet and medication if necessary.

We are also happy to accept dogs that are used to sleeping in the bedroom and occasionally on the bed! All we ask is that you make it known to us as early as possible.

We always encourage you to bring your dogs toys, bed and anything else that your dog loves, and enables us to give your dog the best possible stay.

Owners are updated daily by text message, or on Facebook if connected and when you return we will give you free digital photos and video which will show you how your dog has enjoyed their stay.

We always do a 24 hour trial before accepting a booking. This gives us both confidence, you know your dog has stayed here before and been happy. We know your dog is happy, manageable in our home and accepts our dogs as friends. There may be times when we also have other dogs from different families staying as well. We will always ask your permission to share and will always do a familiarisation visit prior to boarding to make sure everyone gets on.

Please connect with us on Facebook and see for yourself how we operate. We love dogs that sleep on the sofa, ours are rarely off them.

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